Sonia Martínez, fiction director at Atresmedia

Atresmedia: Our new series Fariña was successfully launched
15 de marzo de 2018

The new series with the Atresmedia seal is Fariña, produced by Bambú Producciones, that was launched two weeks ago on Antena 3 and is already a hit. "It has had magnificent results, the series has an enormous production level and has helped us realize that the audience knows more about fiction and demands more” expressed Sonia Martínez, fiction director at Atresmedia.

Fariña tells a true story from the 1950’s about some Galician drug dealers. Martínez states that it wasn’t an easy staging due to the complexity of the topic. The story is inspired by the book of the same title by the journalist Nacho Carretero.

Another of this year’s bets is the fourth season of Acá Abajo and a series based on the successful book La Catedral del Mar by Ildefonso Falcones. "It is a period series, medieval, that follows the life of a character from his childhood until his mature years”.

According to Martínez Astresmedia’s series are distinguished by their quality: with a production that is much higher than the standards and with characters that transcend. “What makes us love a story are the characters, if a story is not linked through interesting characters, it might not sustain itself. Stories dilute with flat characters.”