Ignacio Corrales, director of Atresmedia Studios

Atresmedia: Presenting Mala Gente to the international market
Aliana González|06 de junio de 2019

Ignacio Corrales, director of Atresmedia Studios, stated that Mala Gente, made together with Viacom International Studios, already has a teaser and a pilot, and they are showing it to the market. “We are withnessing the boom of the series. Certain platforms are already interested in it and we are also seeing the business model. We think it will be an additional project for 2020," said Corrales. The shooting location has not yet been determined, it could be Mexico, Miami or Spain.

The series is about a group of women who converge at their yoga classes. When they finish their classes, they decide to have a glass of wine together, and accidentally commit a murder. As of that moment, they revive the murder, and gradually clean their society, freeing it of "bad people".

Corrales mentioned that they have several developments with different partners, whom they will gradually present to the market. "For us, Latin America is a strategic and very natural territory due to our culture. We feel very comfortable with our Latin American partners," he highlighted.

Likewise, he pointed out that production in Spanish is in a very good moment, “fruit of the work of many years and of what Latin American storytelling is like, in which we tells stories from emotions truly well. They are not necessarily new stories, but they are stories from different and new points of view. And that is what the market and the audience, subscribers, are valuing," said Corrales.