Carmen Ferreiro, director of Entertainment Programs at Atresmedia TV

Atresmedia TV: Guessing shows are the last great trend internationally
Miryana Márquez|23 de marzo de 2022

For Carmen Ferreiro, director of Entertainment Programs at Atresmedia TV, “the latest big trend at an international level has been the guessing shows, but there is also a lot of dating in its different variants, talent shows to test skills, and hobbies and adventure reality shows”.

Likewise, the networks are betting on reboots, which create an emotional connection with the viewer thanks to nostalgia. However, for her, the strongest international trend is the guessing shows. “The Masked singer effect has driven many formats with different variants. The formats of musical duos with or without elements of guessing show, have also been included in the different grills”.

Tu Cara me Suena, La Voz, Hormiguero, Pasapalabra, Mask singer, are her main shows. “All are leaders of their broadcast slot. In the case of Hormiguero, many of its broadcasts are the golden minute, which means being the most-watched moment on television in Spain that day”.

Ferreiro highlighted that the main challenge during the sanitary crisis was trying to make the viewer unaware that "we were facing a global pandemic in terms of content supply and that the absence or decrease in the public on the sets did not detract from the heat and intensity of the programs”. In some cases, they had to adapt the content to other physical spaces, even private homes. “The challenge has been above all to ‘entertain’ the viewer in the strictest sense of the term. We appealed to well-known brands, to new editions of successful programs... All this, with tight budgets.”

"Antigen testing of technical and artistic teams prior to recording, facial masks indoors and all kinds of protocols to avoid massive contagion that implies having to stop productions,” were included in the production process.

Ferreiro confesses that perhaps the main lesson of all this was that in the world of entertainment there are no formulas or secrets. “Over the years you realize that in the world of television the what, the how, and the when is very important, that means, the format, the team, and the context in which it is launched. You need to have your eyes wide open and spot good formats, keeping in mind that the socioeconomic contexts of each country are often decisive regarding the needs and preferences of the viewer at all times. Likewise, it is as important to choose a good format, as well as to supervise the development and execution of the production”.