Carlos Boshell from MBA, company that represents the signals of Atresmedia in the region, together with Mar Martínez

Atresmedia: We give a great deal of importance to social networks

Cynthia Plohn, Buenos Aires|12 de octubre de 2017

¡HOLA! TV and Atreseries are celebrating a bit over a year after their entry to Cablevisión in Argentina and Mar Martínez, Director of Atresmedia Internacional, mentioned they are very satisfied with the performance of both channels in that market.

“Additionally, we are expecting new players to arrive at the sector next year because of the changes in the Argentinean law,” she added.

Regarding the Hispanic market in the US, one of the most important for Atresmedia, she commented that they managed to enter Sling TV with ¡HOLA! TV and since July, they are on DIRECTV with their three signals: Antena 3 Internacional, Atreseries, and ¡HOLA! TV.

“For us, it is a very important market, maybe not the biggest, but it is very solid and mature,” she said.

As for programming, she announced the launch on Atreseries of El Incidente, very close to its debut in Spain. On ¡HOLA! TV they will celebrate the month of fashion and on Antena 3 Internacional they will launch the sixth season of Tu Cara Me Suena, among other things.

Martínez highlighted that the company gives a great deal of importance to social networks because they help them spread their programming novelties, create a great flow of comments and opinions that allow them to get to know TV viewers´ tastes and preferences.

They also provide contents for operators´ OTT platforms, as is the case of Cablevision’s Flow.

In terms of advertising sales, she said that ¡HOLA! TV has their own team and predicts big growth for 2017, mainly regarding advertisers focused on the female audience.