Farhad Massoudi, Tubi: For the launch of Tubi we want to have an expert local company and found an excellent ally in Azteca

AVOD Tubi platform is launched in Mexico
26 de junio de 2020

The platform AVOD Tubi, acquired by Fox Corporation a few months ago, is being launched in Mexico on Thursday, June 18 through an alliance with TV Azteca. 

Farhad Massoudi, CEO of Tubi, commented to PRODU that Mexico is the first country they are in Latin America. "What we learned through other launches is that we wanted to have a local company expert in content, marketing, and advertising, and we found an excellent ally in Azteca”.

For his part, Emilio Aliaga, VP of TV Azteca Digital, added that they have a great commercial agreement. In the promotional front, they will integrate Tubi as part of their offer and promotion.

“Another of the parts of the agreement is the content alliance where we are offering 1500 hours of content we will be refreshing monthly, including some of our top shows, such as Exatlon, MasterChef, telenovelas like Mirada de Mujer, La Fiscal de Hierro, that will be part of the offer," explained Aliaga. As more programs are produced, they will try to offer them on the platform. Likewise, Massoudi mentioned that in Mexico they are launching Tubi only with content in Spanish dubbed or original (mainly from Mexico, but there are also titles from Colombia). "It is only the start, it is watching the data, seeing what consumers want, and forming our catalog. It is what we have done in other parts and in the world and we will do it in Mexico".