Lucía “Pistola” Mendoza

Lucia Mendoza of Twitter: Brands must lose that artificial tone of voice
24 de noviembre de 2021

In the recent edition of Advertising Week LatAm, Lucía “Pistola” Mendoza, head of Twitter Next for Mexico & Latin America, presented his #RealTalk report about what users of brands and advertising really expect.

“People are waiting to hear what brands have to say. Most agree they want to feel included in such talks and want brands to speak like real individuals,” he said.

This conclusion was reached through an analysis of more than 6,000 tweets with comments from as many different users in eight countries about brands advertising on Twitter.

“People are smarter than brands imagine. They’re tired of the same old stories. The conversations of brands on Twitter have reached such a point of repetition that it’s time for them to move on,” Mendoza observed.

He said this next step forward is important for brands, since seven out of 10 Twitter users find it a pleasure to follow brands on Twitter. What’s more, 80 percent of users are happy to share advertising content as long as it’s useful and fun.

As for the subjects of conversation, Mendoza noted that users like brands to deal with economic, social, political and cultural problems, even if such problems don’t directly affect them. For that reason he said that what’s most important is the tone of voice.

“Brands that only count on jokes and humor can feel downright obsolete in today’s world. They have to lose that artificial tone of voice and recover the tone that shows who they really are. An honest, authentic voice,” he concluded.