Mara Fernández, Francisco Rodríguez, Liuwa Estefanía Robledo Apango and Alejandro López

AWLATAM: PRODU explored how brands can execute creative and effective campaigns
01 de noviembre de 2023

Mara Fernández, CTO of PRODU, moderated the presentation The Power of Creativity Behind Growing Brands in the AWLATAM 2023. In the conversation, Francisco Rodríguez, Creative VP at Kantar; Liuwa Estefania Robledo Apango, Manager Brand Building Insights at Biscuits & Chocolate, and Alejandro Lopez, Chief Customer Officer at KFC Mexico, analyzed how growing brands today use effective creative strategies to reach their goals.

The panel started by explaining the details of the Trident campaign What The Fresh!, in which, according to Liuwa Estefanía Robledo, the disruptive and innovative handling of the data allowed it to establish a real connection with Gen. Z. "Many times we face a great deal of information and it is necessary to stop to understand the best way to use it. This campaign proves precisely how, through specific data in terms of a clear goal, you can reach great results" stated the executive.

What The Fresh!, created in alliance with Leo Burnett, managed to connect with younger generations and was the trigger the brand used to endorse its positioning as leaders in the category.

On the other hand, the panel also analyzed the success of the strategy Batallas de los Pollos, a promo that went viral and exceeded all expectations. In this sense, Alejandro Lopez, Chief Customer Officer at KFC Mexico, highlighted: “The challenge we had was to position the brand in the hamburger category, in which we were not so well known. We worked on a communications process that ended with this promo Batallas de los Pollos, in which people literally asked for their sandwich by rapping.

During the execution, through social media, several users shared their videos on how they went to KFC to perform their rap and obtain the chicken promo. Videos flooded virtual platforms to find out if the promo was real and it ended up becoming a huge success.

“We managed to move brand equity in a strategic way and inserted this new product in consumers' culture" concluded Alejandro.

Finally, Francisco Rodríguez, Creative VP Kantar, added that this type of strategy proves how the strategic use of data enhances creativity with outstanding results. "Today, tech platforms help us establish strategic lines in real time that allow us to know what to do and what not. Creativity must be understood as the result of a sum of knowledge in which technology plays an essential role" he highlighted.