Jorge Gutiérrez, Signal and Advertising Sales director at AZ TV de Paga

AZ TV de Paga: Seeking more penetration in the South Cone and the US
Jaime Quintero, Cartagena|10 de marzo de 2017

Jorge Gutiérrez, Signal and Advertising Sales director at AZ TV de Paga, mentioned that Andina Link is an attractive and rewarding fair, since clients who had two signals return to hire the complete package, which proves how well they have received them.

“For us, the Andean region is one of our greatest bastions. Our distribution in Colombia, Peru, Ecuador and Bolivia is strong. In 2017 we are going to generate very specific efforts to be able to continue growing in the South Cone and in the US, where we also need to have more presence,” says Gutiérrez.

Regarding the challenges of the industry, he comments: “As programmers, we must rethink how we can continue helping and supporting the platforms´ growth. I think we must recover the essence of this industry and that is a challenge I have been talking about with my clients and partners. We must be very sensitive. We must listen to and be comprehensive about the conditions our clients currently have, so we can be even more efficient in the proposals we offer them, renovation conditions and the support they must have to continue growing. If they don´t grow, the industry doesn´t grow. If they don´t exist, we will have a very serious complication. Then we must rethink this outline to best continue supporting the industry´s natural growth and the nucleus of this industry is the operator,” ended Gutiérrez.