Lucha Azteca

Azteca America debuts two new sports series Lucha Azteca and Sangre de Campeones
07 de noviembre de 2013

Beginning this Saturday, Azteca America presents a tag-team of sports programming that will keep viewers on the edge of their seats: first, all the fury of Mexican wrestling, lucha libre, on Lucha Azteca; then, experience the ultimate passion for soccer on Sangre de Campeones, both starting Saturday, November 9. Azteca America, continuing its commitment to be closer to its viewers and their culture, presents Lucha Azteca, a program that will make the audience feel the full force and power of the most important wrestlers in the Consejo Mundial de Lucha Libre (CMLL). Eighty years ago, the Arena Mexico in Mexico City hosted the first professional lucha libre match. Since then, the indoor arena has been the site of countless wrestling matches. Now the viewers can enjoy the most intense matches from the Arena Mexico featuring current lucha libre superstars such as Atlantis, Máscara Dorada, Diamante Azul, Delta, Marco Corleone, Arkangel, and Dragón Rojo, among many others. In Sangre de Campeones, renowned sports commentator Antonio Rosique brings the viewers into the lives of ten players whose sacrifice, dedication, and triumph has turned them into national heroes. Profiles of ten soccer legends will show that players like Luis García, Carlos Salcido, Oswaldo Sánchez, Joel Huiqui, Carlos Ochoa, Moisés Muñoz, among others, all have the blood of champions, Sangre de Campeones. Lucha Azteca premieres at 3pm / 2pm CST and at 6pm / 5pm CST Sangre de Campeones.