Daniel Bisogno and Raquel Bigorra, hosts of Venga el Domingo, appear in the spots

Azteca America launches holiday campaign in appreciation of its audience

27 de noviembre de 2012

During the transmission of the 14th concert as part of La Academia 10 años Sunday Nov. 25, Azteca America aired a new campaign driven by the end of the year holidays and in appreciation of its audiences. “This Christmas, my most precious gift has always been you. You are the light of life, the reason for my joy” is the principle slogan that marks the new campaign, which emphasizes music, dance, elegance and passion. “We want to thank our audience for its support during the Holiday season” said Martin Breidspecher, general manager of Azteca America. The campaign consists of 6 promotional messages on Azteca America featuring Paty Chapoy, Juan Barragán, Mauricio Barcelata, Ingrid Coronado, Fernando Del Solar, Raquel Bigorra, Daniel Bisogno, Pedro Sola, Aline Hernández, Yahir and Rafael Araneda, among others.