Margarita Rosa de Francisco, host of Desafío Marruecos, based on a Caracol Televisión´s format

Azteca America premieres Desafío Marruecos on Monday April 25 at 8pm
22 de abril de 2016

Azteca America announces the premiere of Desafío Marruecos, a survival reality show in which 21 contestants travel to Morocco to face the most extreme tests of physical endurance and to interact with a centuries-old culture with fascinating rules and customs. It is a challenge that will take viewers on a trip through time, allowing them to discover an enigmatic culture on an adventure sure to become legendary. Desafío Marruecos premieres Monday, April 25 at 8 pm/7C on Azteca America. As in the previous season set in Senegal, Desafío Marruecos is a reality show in which the contestants will have to survive, interact, and compete in four different phases in order to win the grand prize. The participants will be divided into three teams that will compete each week to determine under what conditions each team will live and which individual contestant will be eliminated. The team to come in first place in the territorial challenge will spend its days in the Territorio Riad (Moroccan Riad), a structure with six centuries of history that has been converted into a five-star boutique hotel equipped with every luxury a person could want. The team coming in second place will stay at La Aldea (the Village), a place where participants will live and interact with the Berber people, the original inhabitants of Northern Africa who live primarily in Tunisia, Algeria, and Morocco. The remaining group will endure the absence of all comforts and food in the Territorio Gualu (Walou Territory), from the word for “nothingness.” They will live in a tent in the middle of the desert with nothing else.