Carmen Muñoz, Adrián Cue and, Dr. Rosario Arellano

Azteca America premieres dating show Enamorándonos

10 de febrero de 2017

Azteca America begins the search for love with its new show Enamorándonos. A group of men and women of varying ages and professions will open up to viewers, sharing their tastes, virtues, and flaws in the hope of finding true love. Enamorándonos premieres Tuesday, February 14 at 3pm/2C on Azteca America.

Hosted by Carmen Muñoz, Enamorándonos is a fresh and innovative program that aims to help people who have not found a romantic partner or who are getting over a failed romance to find love.

Participants, called “amorosos,” will receive a telephone call from an admirer among the viewing public. After a brief chat during which the participant and the admirer talk about their tastes and what they look for in a romantic partner, they will decide if they want to meet in person. If so, the pair will meet in the studio. After this first encounter, the pair will decide if they are ready to go on a date.

After the date, the pair will return to the studio where they will both decide whether to begin a relationship. If the participant rejects the candidate or if the participant is rejected by the candidate, he or she returns to the other “amorosos” to continue on their quest to find their perfect mate.

Joining Carmen Muñoz is actor and host Adrián Cue, who will show the development of the dates and who will communicate with viewers of the program through social media.

Enamorándonos will feature Dr. Rosario Arellano, a couples therapist and public speaker who specializes in improving communication within families, among friends and work colleagues, and between romantic partners.