Azteca America secures the broadcast rights for the new SuperCopa MX tournament
08 de julio de 2014

Azteca America announced today that the network has secured the broadcast rights for the new SuperCopa MX tournament in Mexico's professional soccer league. The games will be broadcast on the following dates: Monarcas Morelia vs. Tigres vs. Morelia on July 9 - 9pm EDT/8pm CDT/6pm PDT Tigres vs. Monarcas Morelia vs. Monterrey on July 12 - 8pm EDT/7pm CDT/5pm PDT The new fixture will be played every year between the most recent winners of Mexico's Copa MX. The teams for this year will be Tigres from Monterrey, winners of the Copa MX 2013 opening season and Monarcas Morelia, winners of the Copa MX 2014 closing season. Both teams will dispute the right to represent Mexico in the upcoming Copa Libertadores where the country is represented by three teams. The first two will be the first and second teams of the upcoming Opening of the 2014 Liga MX tournament. The third team will be the winner of SuperCopa MX. "We are ecstatic about broadcasting this game for Mexican soccer fans in the US. This game is perfect for soccer fans to transition from Brazil to the excitement of our Liga MX," said Manuel Abud, President and CEO of Azteca America. Azteca America has the broadcast rights to five of the teams participating in Liga MX and is home to the Friday Night Fútbol broadcasts that will start on Friday, July 18 featuring a double-header of soccer games from top Mexican teams Santos, Tijuana, Monarcas and Queretaro.