Soy Tu Doble

Azteca America to debut Soy Tu Doble with Poncho de Anda
15 de agosto de 2014

Beginning this Monday, Spanish-speaking families will be entertained by twenty-two television celebrities and two unknown contestants as they impersonate music’s biggest idols in Soy Tu Doble that premieres this Monday at 10pm/9pm CDT on Azteca America. Judging the singing and performances of the imitators will be a panel of judges comprised of actress and dancer Niurka, singer and actress Cynthia Rodríguez, entertainment professional and first-season principal of La Academia, Héctor Martínez, and producer and comedian Ese Wey. The twenty-two celebrities competing on Soy Tu Doble will be Julio Iglesias Jr., Shanik Aspe, Gustavo Rivera, Aura Cristina Geithner, Estrella Veloz, Karla Díaz-Leal, Daniel Riolobos, Lupita Sandoval, Alejandra Ley, Alex Garza, Carlos Fonseca, Chao, Sofía Garza, Alan Macín, María Alejandra Molina, María Karuna, Colibritany, Agustín Argüello, Rodrigo Fernández, Erasmo Catarino, Óscar Jiménez and Cristóbal Orellana. On Monday through Wednesday, the shows will be comprised of “duels” in which participants will compete face to face imitating other performers. The judges will sentence a group of participants to face elimination. On “Elimination Thursdays,” the contestants facing elimination will compete against each other in an effort to remain on the show. Fridays, the winners who did not face elimination will compete once more for the “immunity couch,” which ensures that they will not face elimination the following week. The host of this daily and dynamic program will be Poncho de Anda.