Hosting the show will be actor Alberto Casanova

Azteca America to premiere daily show Un Día Cualquiera

22 de junio de 2017

Azteca America announces the premiere of Un Día Cualquiera, a daily show that presents three dramatizations of stories with a similar theme: two stories are real and the other is fictitious. Un Día Cualquiera premieres Monday, July 3 at 8pm/7C on Azteca America.

Hosting the show will be actor Alberto Casanova. He will take part of each of the cases, either as an observer or as a character. Employing his unique sense of humor, Alberto Casanova will add a touch of levity to the stories which span a wide range of subject matters. These stories of uncommon events happening throughout the world are astonishing and unusual.

Each episode begins with the host introducing the theme of the show that day. In the second part, the host will narrate the story in order to make the main conflict clear.

The third portion of the program finds the host interacting with the characters of the story and addressing the camera directly to offer a conclusion. This is the part of the show where the true story is revealed.

Un Día Cualquiera is produced by Fides Velasco and features notable actors such as Aylín Mujica, Sergio Basáñez, Amaranta Ruiz, Pedro Sicard, Carmen Baqué, Roberto Sosa, Mónica Dionne, Luis Felipe Tovar, Armando Torrea, Mariana Torres, Ari Telch, Mayra Rojas, and Omar Fierro, among others.