Manuel Abud, president and CEO, Azteca America

Azteca America: We had a two-digit growth rate in Adults ages 18-49

Maribel Ramos-Weiner|11 de octubre de 2016

The response to the programming offer the channel presented at the Upfront in May has been positive, according to Manuel Abud, president and CEO, Azteca America, and they are having a two-digit growth rate in the demographic Adults ages 18-49.

“Our hour of contest programs at 7pm, La Hora Ganadora, continues being a hit, the same as our series in the reality and adventure genres, such as Desafío and La Isla and the dramatic series at 10pm. We are very enthusiastic about the launching of our new series Rabia (13x60’), produced by Mediaset España in collaboration with Isla Audiovisual, about an outbreak of rabies that affects the country, causing massive chaos,” he expressed.

He added that they are in constant evolution and that by being part of TV Azteca, they have the advantage of counting with the support and resources of the Mexican network. “Led by Benjamín Salinas, CEO of TV Azteca, the network continues to be one of the two major production companies of content in Spanish in the world. Benjamín has committed to generating bold and innovative content through multiple channels and platforms for a new generation”, he comments.

He indicated that the digital strategy is to create an environment of unique content, “not simply repeat what can be seen on the channel.” He expressed that the OTT proposal is aggressive and that they will soon launch Azteca 2.0 with new digital resources and applications, including a specific application for sports and another one for entertainment.

We are investing in web editors and have designed our content and our advertisement for it to work on any mobile device. This year we also announced the creation of Azteca GlassWorks, our new digital content studio,” he said.