Pedro Lascurain: Azteca 7 is in search of family and action content

Azteca: Another Globo TV story to replace Avenida Brasil
Vanessa Maldonado, Los Angeles|22 de mayo de 2014

At the 2014 LA Screenings, Pedro Lascurain, director of Acquisitions of Azteca, announced that another Globo TV telenovela would replace Avenida Brasil at the end of September on the Azteca 13 programming grid. “Globo TV’s Avenida Brasil has worked well for us. We’ve gotten between 12 and 13 rating points, and that’s why we’re looking for another Globo production to replace it when it ends at the end of September. We’re in conversation with the Brazilian channel to explore the possibility of dubbing their products for the Mexican market,” said Lascurain. He pointed out Azteca 7 seeks family content consistent with products it broadcasts in partnership with FOX, Sony and Disney, with over 15 films weekly and series like CSI, NCSI, Bones, Criminal Minds, among others, new seasons of which will premiere after the World Cup. “Azteca 7 will also premiere original productions such as game shows, as well as acquired formats such as El Hormiguero, and the new season of La Isla,” added Lascurain.