Emilio Aliaga, VP of Azteca Digital

Azteca Digital made Azteca Mesh to show their digital projects
Maye Albornoz, Mexico City|16 de abril de 2019

Emilio Aliaga, VP of Azteca Digital, presented the event Azteca Mesh, in which they showed agencies, advertisers and those related with their new products.

“We are bringing our Azteca Digital Newfront and wanted it to be an interactive experience. Mesh is when you interact with other devices while you watch TV," he explained.

The executive assured they operate like in a startup, where people are constantly reinventing themselves and adapting to new technologies with the goal of offering the best results for clients: “Azteca Digital is in the ranking of the main indicators; We have the trailer, the inventory and do all kinds of purchases. We want to be your partners and friends”.

Through a special broadcast of their Instagram Stories newscast, Mis Nius showed data that reveals they have 31 million unique users, according to ComScore, and they are the media with the largest number of interactions in Mexico. Likewise, they assured they have 400 million watched videos per month and 140 million impressions of potential videos.

They also showed new original exclusive productions for digital, such as ChisMemes, El Bar and Tomando Acción. Additionally, they highlighted the digital room, from where they generate exclusive content linked to their main programs on the screen.

Those who attended Azteca Mesh interacted with the renovated app and with new contents from Azteca Conecta and were able to play MVP trivia, an initiative made by Azteca Digital exclusively on Facebook.

They also announced contents linked to their programs MasterChef, La Academia, Venga la Alegría, and La Voz. They also have proposals related to Viña del Mar, the Oscar, Miss Universe, and sports events. Additionally, with the fictions that are about to be launched on TV Azteca: Rosario Tijeras 3 and Hernán Cortés.