Emilio Aliaga, VP of Azteca Digital

Azteca Digital: We are making a type of TV that takes risks
10 de mayo de 2018

Three months after joining the TV Azteca team, Emilio Aliaga, VP of Azteca Digital, assures he feels proud of belonging to the group with Benjamín Salinas (CEO of Grupo TV Azteca) and Alberto Ciurana (Chief Content & Distribution Officer) leading the team, who are very clear about the goal: making a modern, interactive TV that takes risks..

He explained that Digital underwent a restructuring, that includes the creation of a dedicated production área, which has contributed to their success in the strategy of unfolding contents on digital platforms and creating synergy with all the teams. “When one manages to interact with multiscreen contents and make specific material for each platform, the value of that content and that sale is 10 times greater than if you just did a digital sale,” he commented.

He mentioned Mexicana Universal as a success case, where they have an after show exclusively for digital with more daring original content and a robust strategy that has managed for the program to be seen not only on weekends, but to have a daily life: “One of the best compliments we can receive is when the TV program team asks you for something that we did digitally, when we manage for the content we unfold to come back to the screen, because that is what happens with the audience: we have them on the TV and also know how to accompany them.”

They are working precisely on that to make comprehensive commercial proposals: “It isn’t only to have a banner placed there. We are focused on developing and growing the content and the experiences, so that they accompany and go linked to brands”.