Patricia Jasin at the forefront
Azteca Internacional shows its Virtual Experience
02 de octubre de 2020

Patricia Jasin, VP of Azteca Internacional, showed Richard Izarra on the program #PRODUprimetime, the virtual experience that they have launched for the industry to have access to their content in a fun and private way through avatars that communicate between each other in real-time.

Richard, as a guest of Azteca, created its avatar through the original software Virtway Events, which was adapted and designed exclusively for Azteca with its TV station peculiarities. Patricia, with her avatar, received Richard-avatar on the lobby of the virtual complex, and together, running, they went to the Press Center.

Patricia explained: “We were lacking tools to be in touch with our clients and colleagues, and this tool seemed an ideal scenario to put there everything we want, to show our content, our channels, the universe of TV Azteca, all the business units and also have interaction with visitors in real-time".

In the press center, journalists will be able to speak and interview Azteca executives. Special conferences and presentations will be programmed. "The idea is for there to be reasons to want to return to the platform".

Patricia said that 400 people can simultaneously have access to each space. If you recognize someone (each avatar has its name above the head) you can approach him and have a conversation.

“We added a playful component, an interaction component. Each one can enter and create his own experience".

Watch visit to Azteca's Virtual Experience