Alicia Villarreal, Luis Coronel and Lolita Cortés will be judges in La Academia Kids
Azteca introduces judges of La Academia Kids and gears up for premiere
Vanessa Maldonado, Mexico City|27 de agosto de 2013

Azteca introduced Alicia Villarreal, Lolita Cortés and Luis Coronel, as the judges who would gauge the talent of the kids participating in the first season of La Academia Kids, which will premiere August 31st at 8pm, replacing México Baila. Roberto Romagnoli, VP of Production and Entertainment of Azteca, was present at the event held in the Azteca Novelas studios last August 22nd. He described each of the judges and spoke about the channel’s goal of reinforcing Saturdays’ family-oriented block. “We’re experiencing the rebirth of TV and we want it to be family-oriented, because that’s what people want. It’s been proven that family-friendly content works. The ‘angel’ of children products together with adult life stories and music will be well received,” said Romagnoli. Lolita Cortés said her goal as a judge was to promote the kids’ talent to build a new generation of stars: “We have to make sure that kids not are playing out their mothers’ unrealized dreams, but are actually excited to be on stage. We want to discover talented children with a future ahead of them.” Romagnoli also announced producer and composer Kiko Campos would direct La Academia Kids. Additionally, he gave a preview of the second season of México Baila for 2014.