Mauricio Mancera, host of the second season of El Hormiguero MX

Azteca: Second season of El Hormiguero MX includes more dynamics and a new schedule
Carmen Pizano, Mexico City|03 de marzo de 2015

The second season of El Hormiguero MX has new collaborators, ten additional game sections and experiments and a new schedule: 8:30pm, starting on March 2nd, due to the success the program has had with the child audience, told PRODU Mauricio Mancera, the program´s host. "We changed the schedule because the children were asking us to be earlier, so at 8:30pm the child audience could see us. Together with this change, we will also have many others: new sections and collaborators that would strengthen the 100% family format the program has" highlighted the Mexican presenter. "This second season will be aired Monday to Thursday on Azteca 7. Although there is no determined number of programs, it is estimated there will be around 84 as in the previous season" he added. Mancera specified they will add ten more sections to the format and five new collaborators. "Many are new faces on TV but people who had already collaborated in theater, for example María Alejandra Molina, actress and host, who is also an engineer". Regarding the new sections he said that one of them explains scientifically and in a fun way how to seduce someone and why we like some people and not others.