Sandra Smester, EVP of Azteca Uno at TV Azteca

Azteca Uno: Live programming is the future of the channel
06 de noviembre de 2018

Sandra Smester, EVP of Azteca Uno at TV Azteca, reported that she reached the channel with the purpose to make a total shift in programming, and with the strategy they have set up, of live television, they have attained good numbers.

“We came to do this job and we came to do it well. This new live strategy is just the beginning of what is coming in the following years at Azteca Uno,” said Smester.

The executive expressed they are doing very well with the formats they have brought, such as Exatlón, that has been a total hit, the same as La Academia and the different seasons of MasterChef. She also announced that for next year they will bring another talent format, which she is certain will fit very well with their consumers.

In the digital aspect, they are working together with Emilio Aliaga, with whom they are producing a great deal of multiplatform content that is delivering very good results: “We have significantly increased the number of online views and the number of app downloads for smartphones," she concluded.