David Limón, producer of Azteca´s La Isla and Abandonado Asia: La Ruta del Dragón

Azteca: We continue betting on adventure realities now with Abandonados Asia
Vanessa Maldonado, Mexico City|27 de agosto de 2015

Azteca continues its bet on realities. Next August 31st at 8:30pm on Azteca 7 will launch the 2015 season of La Isla (based on Caracol TV´s format Desafío), as well as begin audiences for the first edition of Abandonados Asia: La Ruta del Dragón (32x60'), Mexican version of Pekín Express, adventure reality aired in Spain in 2008. In an interview with PRODU, David Limón, producer of the two programs mentioned that both La Isla as well as Abandonados Asia, lend continuity “to great quality formats on the screen of Azteca. Thus, we continue betting on adventure realities thanks to the success of previous editions”. Regarding Abandonados Asia: La ruta del dragón, he revealed it will gather 16 strangers who will be abandoned in Vietnam with US$1 to survive, without any contact and who will find the way to travel a route between Cambodia, Laos and Thailand. “It is a competition, a format similar to La Isla, which will be aired Monday to Thursday. Each Thursday someone will be ousted. The audition will take place in the entire Mexican Republic. Shootings will be this year in Asia and can be seen the first semester of 2016. To that we will add exclusive content for digital platforms”, he added.