Alberto Santini, Ingrid Coronado and Roberto Romagnoli during the launch of La Academia Kids
Azteca: We hope to make history with our new brand La Academia Kids
Vanessa Maldonado, Mexico City|02 de agosto de 2013

Alberto Santini, general director of Azteca Trece, and Roberto Romagnoli, VP of Production and Entertainment of Azteca, announced this past Tuesday the launch of the company’s new project, La Academia Kids. It is produced by Gloria Galeano and will air Saturdays from 8pm to 11pm starting August 31st. “It is a project that was brewing for a couple of years and now we’re launching this new brand with a lot of excitement and sensibility, going back to classic shows like Juguemos a cantar, which gave birth to big stars such as Lucero and Lolita Cortés," said Santini. The executive added that from the auditions in Mexico and the U.S., 32 participants will qualify. During the first show, the audience will narrow the group down to the 18 who will make up the first generation and who will take part in a fiction or drama series once the project is over. “We plan to give them acting lessons with workshops for children to be able to create fiction or drama projects where they can develop their careers. We are taking it step by step and hope this first generation yields a lot of talent,” added Santini. Romagnoli said this season will be hosted by Ingrid Coronado and Mauricio Barcelata and will feature musical guests who will accompany the kids in every show. Academy graduate Yuridia will be one of these guests and there is a chance Alicia Villarreal may be one of the judges.