Rodrigo Fernandez, general director at Azteca 7

Azteca: With La Teniente we have a strategic alliance with Netflix for digital and mun2 for the US Hispanic

25 de septiembre de 2012

In Mexico City. Azteca presented one of its major achievements in production, La Teniente, a 24-episode series that began transmissions Sept. 24 at 10:30pm on Azteca 7 in Mexico. The network formed an alliance with Netflix to be transmitted in a digital format, and has also secured mun2 to reach the Hispanic market of the U.S. starting in 2013. “We’re seeing one of the best products that Azteca has produced in all of its history. It’s an innovative series, with great-quality production and a lot of action. We had the opportunity to sell it in various countries, and for the first time, we’re creating a strategic alliance with Netflix to put out our content. It was bought by the network in the U.S. geared toward the Hispanic public, who can see the quality of this production” said Rodrigo Fernandez, general director at Azteca 7. He added: “having programs, series and realities, is the new strategy for Azteca 7 to reach the objective we have of being the best option on open TV”. La Teniente was filmed in different locations in Mexico and is focused on recreating the navy in Mexico. It tells the story of Roberta Ballesteros, a lieutenant with the mission of discovering a conspiracy. Benjamin Salinas and Roberto Gonzalez are leading the production, and the stars of the show are Maria Fernanda Yepes, Armando Torrea, Matias Novoa and Hector Arredondo.