Roberto Romagnoli, VP of Entertainment and Production of Azteca

Azteca: With the new management of Rodrigo Fernández we offer viewers different content
Vanessa Maldonado, Mexico City|08 de agosto de 2014

Roberto Romagnoli, VP of Entertainment and Production of Azteca, spoke with PRODU about the projects for the screens of Azteca 7 and Azteca 13 in the coming weeks. He emphasized the premiere of La Academia Kids, Soy Tu Doble and Sexos En Guerra, shows that seek to strengthen current programming such as La Isla and El Hormiguero. “Rodrigo Fernández, now at the helm of Azteca 13 and Azteca 7, has come to innovate, because we’re a company that invests in things that are different. He said it was time to stop watching novelas at 7pm, and gave a new kind of content to an audience that has been watching novelas for 50 years. At Azteca we’re producing quality content,” said Romagnoli. He said this new management brings products that have become audience favorites such as La Isla, “produced with high standards, and then we bring another show like Soy Tu Doble, which premieres August 18th and will air Monday through Friday at 7pm. “With La Academia Kids we try to gather the entre family in front of the TV set. In El Hormiguero we have a program that offers an innovating interview style, and for September we’ll bring back Sexos En Guerra, a game show produced by Carlos Saco about couples issues,” said Romagnoli. Finally, he said La Academia Kids would continue as a main option for international sales.