Ramón Campos, executive producer

Bambú Producciones: We began shooting a docuseries on the Alcàsser crime for Netflix
01 de marzo de 2018

Bambú Producciones will be in charge of the first Spanish original documentary series that starts shooting this week.

This is a four-episode documentary series created by Bambú Producciones, based on the Alcàsser crime, that will be launched globally in 2019.

The story analyzes and investigates one of the most macabre and polemic crimes in Spain's history. This triple murder in 1992 convulsed the foundations of Spanish society and crossed borders, not only for its brutality but also because of the media's shocking broadcast and exploitation of it" pointed out Netflix in the statement.

Ramón Campos, executive producer, commented that the intention is for this to be the definite documentary on one of the cases that have shaken the Spanish society for years. "This program has all the main stars to finally untangle what happened that dark November in 1992 in Alcàsser. We offer everyone the opportunity to reflect their truth faithfully".