Luis Baraldi, CEO of Baral Group

Baral Group facilitates the acquisition of 2014 FIFA World Cup for Antel Uruguay for mobile devices
13 de junio de 2014

In the last months, Baral Group facilitated the acquisition of the 2014 FIFA World Cup for Antel in Uruguay for mobile devices. Antel will stream 64 World Cup matches throughout their entire mobile network, combined with original content and highlights through a specialized App created by FIFA. Antel is widely recognized as one of the most technologically advanced telecommunications companies in Latin America. “Antel’s customers have the opportunity to watch all the matches of the 2014 FIFA World Cup on their mobile devices in high definition (HD). It’s a fantastic product for any network, and it takes advantage of FIFA technology, which is amazing,” commented Luis Baraldi, CEO of Baral Group. The FIFA App in Antel will not only broadcast and capture the intensity and passion of the sport, but it will most definitely provide an alternative visual experience like no other in Latin America. Antel trusted in Baral, and its marketing efforts surpassed all expectations. The Antel/FIFA App will stream LIVE and recorded transmissions of all 64 matches, highlights, opening and closing ceremonies, press conferences, and exclusive interviews. This App is user friendly, contains great design, and makes it easy for costumers to access all games anywhere within the Antel network. The app is now available and it’s exclusive to all Antel customers with access to a smartphone in Uruguay. Baraldi added, “Both companies merged ideas and resources to make this product a reality for the consumers of Antel. We built this together and we are now working to expand and push new and different products in Uruguay through Antel’s mobile and digital systems."