Tomás Gennari, CEO, BB Media: We began a new stage in digital audiences’ measurement

BB Media and Digital i launch SoDA Latin America to measure streaming audience
24 de febrero de 2023

Digital i and BB Media, companies dedicated to data science in the industry of media and telecommunications and to audience measurement, launched this February SoDA Latin America, an audience measurement service analyzing how users view Netflix and Amazon Prime Video in the region.

SoDA or Streaming on Demand Analytics is available in Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, and Mexico, since this past Thursday the 9th.

The data collected by SoDA allows them to know key moments, such as audience peaks occurring on digital platforms, which are the most viewed genres, and the percentage of users sharing content with others.

''We began a new stage in digital audiences’ measurement. It is very good for the industry to have data on what users are really viewing and how the contents are related to each other. It even opens the possibility of combining this consumption with the traditional audience measurements that we have already been carrying out. It's a very exciting moment,'' said Tomás Gennari, CEO of BB Media.

''We are excited to partner with BB Media on the next development of SoDA. We believe that Digital I's experience and knowledge in audience measurement and the SoDA service, plus BB Media's experience in the Latin American market, will solve the issue of SVOD measurement in the region,'' said Ali Vahdati. , CEO of Digital i.