James Wildbore from BBC Studios said that there is no better moment than this one to place drama in the region

BBC Studios: A great need for dramas

Maribel Ramos-Weiner|05 de noviembre de 2019

The reason why BBC Studios is greatly focused on drama, said James Wildbore, senior VP and General Manager of BBC Studios for Latin America and US Hispanic, is because it represents a great need for their clients.

“In the genre of drama, we have some that are back, such as Doctor Who, with Jody Whittaker on her second occasion as the Doctor. We think it is friendly for the family, which will be well received by the audience in Latin America. Our catalog is the broadest ever offered and includes dramas, series, natural history, documentaries and content for children. We have something for all of our clients, but I feel that some of our dramas will stand out very much,” he added.

He also mentioned that Latin America is an important region for the company, and with it, they have the commitment to grow. "To enable us to deliver this growth, I am very proud to have brought Karina Dolgiej to our team as VP Content Sales. In her role she will tap into her huge experience in the market and her great relations with clients to truly carry our sales content to the next level," she commented.

“There is a demand for premium high-quality content. BBC Studios is proud of satisfying this demand and providing the content that will resonate with the audience, wherever they decide to watch it. There has never been a better moment to serve drama series in this market. They are competitive and attractive, and as an audience, they will receive phenomenal television," he highlighted.

Wildbore also expressed that they continue to be very active in US Hispanic. "Our main outlet is our channel Cbeebies. We were thrilled to announce this year the distribution on Comcast, which duplicated our subscriber base. We continue selling content in the market and work together with our colleagues in New York to find the best way to do it. Sometimes they are regional negotiations and others, individual ones made by us. With the growth of the Hispanic population in the US, this is a market we are passionate about and one we continue to serve," he ended.