David Hanono, SVP, Sales and Digital at BBC Studios Latin America/US Hispanic
BBC Studios: We make multiplatform content packages with two launches for first screens
Vanessa Maldonado, Mexico City|10 de julio de 2018

As part of their strategies, BBC Studios Latin America opened its portfolio to new platforms, aiming for their contents to be consumed on any screen. That is what David Hanono, SVP, Sales and Digital at BBC Studios Latin America/US Hispanic, assured.

“We have closed different packages with hundreds of hours of content for digital platforms; in Argentina, we closed some and in Mexico the offer is open. It is the same if they want to fill them with hours on programs on nature, science, music, lifestyle, etc., with the aim to extend their brands, but using the branded content BBC offers. They choose the content and we add two launches for it to be the first window,” commented the executive.

He explained that this allows them to be partners of the digital platforms and with that “offer them new things in different genres because we know there is a focus in many markets on how to fill those screens. We extend this to anyone who has pay TV, digital and TV everywhere. We want clients to offer their audiences the best of the BBC.”

To end, he assured that Mexico is one of the key countries in their strategies and that is why they are preparing the Mexican version of contents like Top Gear, as well as presenting others for this market.