BBC World News doubled its distribution in LatAm reaching 27 million households during the pandemic
Maribel Ramos-Weiner|18 de junio de 2021

Will Lesley, director of Marketing and Distribution of BBC Global News, who is responsible for the growth of BBC World News in Latin America, Canada, and the Caribbean, said that during this sanitary global crisis, the channel - which is distributed by Castalia in the region - double its distribution, reaching almost 27 million homes in Latin America, due to the request of TV operators that asked for the signal be available to their broadest audiences.

BBC World News was launched for Latin America in 1996. “We are currently available in all countries in the region, except the Guianas. We have distribution agreements with every major television operator in the region, proof of the quality and relevance of the content we offer. BBC News is proud to serve the Latin American audience throughout the events of the 1990s until today,” said Lesley.

For Lesley, as the history of the pandemic has changed, so has the channel's coverage. "In our program Haga Clic: Recuperación de Pandemia, we explore how technology is helping the world to recover, and that at the same time the virus has also led to an acceleration in the increase of emerging technology," he commented.