Diego Piasek from MGM in the talk MGM: Historias Construidas Alrededor de Líderes Femeninas

Betting on the scriptwriters´ voices and original stories
Miryana Márquez|24 de noviembre de 2020

Diego Piasek, SVP Development and Production for MGM International Television, commented in the talk MGM: Historias Construidas Alrededor de Líderes Femeninas (MGM: Stories Built Around Female Leaders) that the secret "is to bet on the voices of scriptwriters and original stories so that when we sit down with a platform or a traditional channel, we have that special effect”.

Erika Halvorsen, writer, and producer, MGM, said that this is what happened with Cacería by Gonzalo Demaría, Javier van de Couter was proposed to tell that story of which she is the executive producer.

Piasek assured that with Halvorsen they are opening markets in Mexico and in Spain. “Well executed ideas travel very well”. In his opinion, it is necessary to find new voices, as well as “well-established people who are looking for other horizons and other work mechanisms".

According to the writer, here, two struggles come together: that of scriptwriters, who have somehow been “invisibilized”, and that of women. There is also “another huge battle that appears in which we want to depict characters who break those (female) stereotypes that were very toxic for our culture in the end".

Piasek assures that they always analyze who the best partner is to accompany the content that is being developed. "There are a number of stories that are luckily being told because there are other types of business models”.

He clarified that he is not looking for content, but "looking for ideas and when you find that idea and that author that you are thrilled about, it is as if planets are aligned".