Blanca Soto

Blanca Soto: Stars in new Telemundo superseries Señora Acero

05 de septiembre de 2014

Blanca Soto, leading actress of Telemundo super series Señora Acero (70x60'), currently shooting on location in Mexico, spoke about her “strong and visceral” character and about this first project with Telemundo. Soto’s exclusivity deal with the network was signed by LatinWE, company that represents her. During the interview at the Pachuca airport, she commented on the strength of the book by Roberto Stopello and gave her opinion about the new genre of superseries. She also spoke about her experience in the industry, where she did a reverse crossover: from general market to U.S. Hispanic. “I like this new genre, it’s a bit faster. It reaches the audience quicker and is easy to digest. It’s closer to the American teleseries. I’m glad we started producing this genre because it puts us Latinos in the U.S. at the same level of the general market. I like the work Telemundo is doing and I believe the results show it. All of its superseries have been successful,” said the actress. Soto said she is happy with her new Telemundo family. She expects Señora Acero will be a hit and hopes to stay with the network for many years to come.