Vanessa Rosas, Blim TV: Our greatest asset is that we are a niche OTT

Blim TV: Working on the launch of three exclusive films
17 de septiembre de 2021

Blim TV's upcoming releases include three exclusive films: a drama about the reinvention of the human being and two animated films. This was announced by Vanessa Rosas Molina, COO and head of Televisa's Blim TV within the framework of her participation in the panel Streamers, the new global ecosystem, a map to not get lost. Part I in Conecta Fiction. One of the animations will premiere in October dedicated to the Day of the Dead and another in November with Latino characters and music by Marc Anthony.

“Our greatest asset is that we are a niche OTT, we focus on showing only content produced in Spanish, not only from Mexico but from other Latin American countries and Spain. There is no other with these characteristics that can compete with nostalgic content,” added Rosas.

She recalled that Televisa produces 800 hours of content a year and also the platform has 15 thousand hours of content from many production studios in Spanish. "This is our differentiator,” she pointed out.

The panel also included María José Rodríguez, Head of Spanish Originals at Amazon Studios; Susana Herreras, Editorial Director of Fiction Production at Movistar+; María Grechishnikova, CEO of Star Media; Neale Dennett, responsible for launching BritBox International into new international markets, and Alan Sim, curator and Executive Producer of Elisa Viihde.

Among the group's takeovers, they highlighted that as a result of the pandemic, the genres of comedy and romantic comedy are now viewed more; entertainment has the highest demand and quality is what makes content stand out.