Julio Sobral, Blue Ant Media: In the US we have seven FAST brands, which is our strongest market

Blue Ant Media: We have plans to launch other linear channels in Latin America
26 de octubre de 2022

Blue Ant Media has in the region its premium channel Love Nature, in 4K and HD, in six million homes and 50 platforms from Mexico to Chile, including Brazil, where it integrates Amazon's premium channel offer.

“We are with large operators such as Millicom, and Movistar, we have a 4K block on DIRECTV under Love Nature; Amazon Prime Video in Mexico and Brazil as an SVOD channel and there we also released another channel for FAST called Nature Time, with the oldest library protecting the most premium content for Love Nature,” commented Julio Sobra, Senior VP of Global Networks for the US and Latin America from Blue Ant Media.

He announced that they have plans to launch more linear channels in Latin America. “In the US we have seven FAST brands, which is our strongest market and gives us a good footprint on the platforms with Vizio, Roku, and Tubi, the big partners. We are well-valued despite there being more than 2,000 FAST channels in the US, and we only have seven brands. The difference is that it is on our channels FAST is exclusive to our channels, either licensed or produced by us,” he explained.

He said that two of the great aspects that distinguish Love Nature, one is that since its inception it has been produced in 4K, and second, it has been 100% dedicated to nature and wildlife programming. “The other channels about nature have emerged from the wildlife center to become character-driven. We come from 15 years with National Geographic, we know what it takes to make a nature production,” he commented and indicated that they invest between US$25 and US$30 million in Love Nature productions. “We generate 50 to 80 hours of new productions a year.”

He added that Blue Ant Media's intention is to position itself as a global player, as a distributor, producer, and co-producer of content. "Blue Ant is a producer of factual content: from cooking shows to these award-winning documentaries," he said.