Chapek was Chairman of Parks, Experiences, & Products. Iger will continue as Executive Chairman and will lead the company´s creative efforts

Bob Chapek new Disney´s CEO
27 de febrero de 2020

The Walt Disney Company appointed a new CEO. He is Bob Chapek replacing Bob Iger,  who is leaving the position after 15 years leading the company. Iger will continue as executive chairman of the company and will lead the company´s creative efforts to help with the transition until his contract expires on December 31, 2021.

Bob Chapek was previously Chairman of Parks, Experiences, and Products at Disney. “Bob Chapek will be the company´s seventh CEO in the almost 100 years of Disney´s history, and has proven to be exceptionally qualified to lead the company in its next century," said Iger in a statement, assuring that he expects to work with Chapek during the next 22 months, while he assumes his new role and goes deeper into Disney`s global businesses and operations.

Chapek, who will report to Iger and the board of directors, will focus on supervising all the corporate functions and business segments. "I feel incredibly honored and humbled to assume the role of CEO of what I truly believe is the world`s greatest company," said Chapek.

Iger supervised the expansion of Disney with the addition of 21st Century Fox, including 30% of Hulu´s assets, in the transaction closed in March 2019. “With the successful launch of Disney+, and with everything under control in the integration of 21st Century Fox, I believe it is the perfect moment for a transition to a new CEO," reported Iger.