Bob Liodice, CEO at ANA

Bob Liodice From ANA: Transparency Continues To Be A Fundamental Matter In Our Ecosystem

09 de agosto de 2017

A new study by the Association of National Advertisers (ANA) showed that even though there are still non-transparent production practices in multiple advertising agencies and agency holdings. The report titled Production Transparency in the U.S. Advertising Industry, includes 30 executives member of ANA and the perspective of 12 organizations considered experts in the topic, out of which 11 corroborate the existence of these problems.

“The report proves that transparency continues to be a fundamental matter throughout our ecosystem” pointed out Bob Liodice, CEO at ANA. “We recommend advertisers to check their business protocol and contracts with their agencies. Additionally, advertisers must increase their supervision and understanding of the production ecosystem to ensure that their investments are perfectly well handled.”

The study highlights that the use of production resources in the agency is not always transparent for the advertiser and that processes marked by the agency bid system control are sometimes dysfunctional and in conflict, because the buyer is also the seller of the services.

He recommends advertisers to be informed that many agencies have in-house production, edition, and music resources, and to demand all those who bid to read and sign a statement indicating that they have participated in an open and fair process.