Boden Agency Celebrates 15 Years Of Impact – Its Quinceañera – With A Service Offering Expansion And Brand Refresh
08 de noviembre de 2023

BODEN, an independent, minority- and female-owned, award-winning communications agency, named a three-time 2023 “Agency of the Year'' by AdAge, the Hispanic Public Relations Association and PRNews, celebrates its 15th anniversary – it's quinceañera – with a service offering expansion and brand refresh.

Adding to its core service of helping brands activate campaigns that reach the Hispanic market, the agency launches Hispanic+, a service offering that helps brands leverage the power of the Hispanic market to transcend to mainstream audiences. This 15th anniversary marks a critical milestone for BODEN, which builds on its award-winning success to date and celebrates what the agency has become – a communications powerhouse rooted in Hispanic culture.

“The future is Hispanic and brands that tap into the significance of our culture are capturing audiences everywhere. We have anticipated this expansion since I founded the agency 15 years ago, always embodying, as an agency, the transformative force of diversity shaping the U.S.”, says Natalie Boden, CEO and Founder, BODEN. “From music and entertainment, sports and gaming, to beauty, food, and more, Hispanic culture is making a strong imprint throughout society, and brands that embrace these passion points and celebrate Hispanic culture drivers will win big in both the short and long term across both Hispanic audiences and mainstream audiences, as well.”

Expansion to Hispanic+™

With multicultural storytelling taking prominence and authentic narratives that reflect the Hispanic community ever present, culture-driven campaigns with diverse audiences at their core are taking center stage. Today, 25% of Gen Z are Hispanic, and Hispanics represent the largest minority group among the next generation to come, Gen Alpha. Hispanics also accounted for over 50% of the growth of the U.S. population over the last decade. Amidst this shift in demographics, Hispanics are reshaping mainstream media and the fabric of U.S. culture with no signs of stopping.

“In addition to our clients coming to us to reach the Hispanic market, we’ve also seen a spike in demand from brands wanting to reach both the Hispanic market, but also through its power and influence, transcend to mainstream audiences. With our expansion to Hispanic+™, we’re putting a stake in the ground and reminding brands everywhere that both Hispanic-only and Hispanic-led campaigns that transcend to mainstream audiences are critical to authentically reach today’s multicultural generation,” said Sara Garibaldi, President, BODEN.

Brand Refresh

Fueled by Escucha, the agency’s proprietary strategic planning process, BODEN keeps a pulse on the daily evolution of culture, digs deep into subcultures, understands how Hispanic culture is transcending mainstream and is able to predict upcoming trends. This is where the agency’s new tagline “Turning Culture Into Impact™” was born. With the brand refresh comes an evolved brand identity that brings to life the agency’s expansion to Hispanic+™, including a revamped website and a newly designed office space that celebrates the power of Hispanic culture.