Mauricio Castillo, director of Bola 8 Producciones

Bola 8 Producciones: We are preparing four series for different platforms
Vanessa Maldonado, Mexico City|12 de junio de 2018

The production company Bola 8 Producciones worked on the pre-production of four series for  TV or digital platforms, assured its director Mauricio Castillo, who is currently directing the program Al Final Todo Queda en Familia, for Televisa, and will soon do the same with the new season of Me Caigo de Risa.

“They are three or four series we are trying to produce to be able to direct them with my company Bola 8 Producciones. The goal is to place them on any platform. The most complicated part is to get the money to produce since it is a 10-episode series that costs around US$150 thousand, but we are working on that to make the first episode of each one and be able to offer it,” he commented.

He highlighted that, as well as dubbing films like Hotel Transilvanía and Lluvia de Hamburguesas, Castillo and the general director of the production company, Eduardo Suárez, produce and direct programs for Televisa such as Al Final Todo Queda En Familia and are already preparing a new delivery of Me Caigo de Risa, that will have 20 episodes.

As a personal project, Castillo will publish a book called Mil Microbiografías, in which he will summarize in a comedy format, the biography of famous people from the world of culture, art, science, history, entertainment, etc.