Marcel Ferrer executive producer of El Vato by Boomdog Films for NBC Universo

Boomdog Films: El Vato for NBC Universo is a series that covers realism and comedy

Vanessa Maldonado, Mexico City|08 de diciembre de 2015

Boomdog Films from Mexico produces the series El Vato (10x60') for NBC Universo and in an interview with PRODU, Marcel Ferrer, executive producer and Javier Solar, director of the project, explained that the series tells the story of the regional Mexican music singer El Dasa and his path to fame in the US, with a touch of realism, comedy and drama. “El Vato reflects how El Dasa arrived in the US and tells the story of the American Dream that we all seek somehow. It´s a series with drama and comedy. And the story talks about what Hispanics go through in the US. Now that Latinos are trendy, it is a very good moment to tell this story. We will have actors from here and there”, pointed out Ferrer. In the technical aspect, Solar announced that they are discussing how to combine locations, taking into account that it is a project for Latinos in the US: “In Mexico and in Los Angeles, we have to plan what we are going to see and look for the key points in that city. El Dasa is a character there and will be a series for Latinos who live in the US. There was advisory for the development of the scripts. The first episodes are about to be delivered. A great deal of work was put forth in the outlines and in the first storylines. We have a complete product from beginning to end. Production phase will be 10 weeks long, six in Mexico City and four in Los Angeles”, completed the director.