Brian Cross, Managing Partner at Elasticity

Brian Cross And Alex Duplan From Elasticity: The Multicultural Audience Is More Expert In Digital And Mobile Trends
Liz Unamo|28 de abril de 2017

Elasticity thrives in the digital space. "From online influencers, targeted media buys in channels overlooked by larger firms, brand engagement, and awareness generation, we have crafted a niche to where we can generate results faster and more efficiently than most agencies. With the data mining we do on all of this engagement, we know that the multicultural audience is more adept at digital/mobile/social tools and trends and out-indexes most others groups in its usage" argue Brian Cross, Managing Partner, and Alex Duplan, VP Creative Director of Multicultural, regarding the new Hispanic Unit the agency recently created.

This is a permanent initiative at Elasticity, they comment. "The Dallas market provides a fantastic home base to not only grow multicultural clients, but all clients in a fast growing and diverse city."

This entrepreneurial endeavor is lead by Alex Duplan and will be supported by staff in other cities Elasticity is in, such as St. Louis, Chicago, Connecticut. The Dallas base will grow to a mixed talent base on the ground. "This is not a 'hub and spoke' initiative, but a real opportunity to grow a fantastic group of talent that is as diverse as the audiences it seeks to communicate with on behalf of our clients" point out Cross and Duplan.

Duplan said the last 6 years of his career, as an Advertiser and Creative Director in the multicultural market, have been aimed at the digital world, so, to join Elasticity's new effort is a perfect fit. "We both contribute our expertise to offer our clients the best digital solutions, with the insights and multicultural knowledge this new generation of consumers needs, and thus lead brands to their goals. The advantage is actually for our clients."