Bruno Cardinali

LatAm Head of Marketing of Burger King, Bruno Cardinali: It’s Been Truly Incredible Working with We Believers

12 de julio de 2019

Bruno Cardinali, the former Head of Marketing of Burger King Latin America & the Caribbean and now the North America Head of Marketing at Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen, led recent Burger King communication efforts together with We Believers. His Traffic Jam Whopper project won two Lions at Cannes this year, 10 awards at El Sol and boosted delivery sales by a whopping 63 percent during the launch of the pilot campaign in Mexico.

“It’s been truly incredible. And the reason I say that is because I think we have been able to create a true collaborative partnership where there is no “agency” and “client” sides in the work we do, we created an environment in which we are all working towards the same objective: to create truly innovative and differentiated ideas that drive the business forward. And beyond the Traffic Jam Whopper campaign, we have been creating other campaigns and activations that strongly resonate with consumers and are driving brand awareness and preference, which despite being great for the brand, it is been a great journey” he said.

For Cardinali, new technologies are creating new business opportunities. "This is a great example where new technologies are creating new real business opportunities. The entire campaign & idea started in an informal conversation about the business and how one of the opportunities was to launch a proper Burger King App in Mexico, that conversation evolved into the must-have functionalities for the App, in this case Delivery, and to the fact that we had an opportunity to drive Delivery sales during the evening rush hour: which led us to the idea to delivery our world famous Whopper to hungry drivers stuck in traffic. Similar to many other campaigns, this one required an extensive amount of work, research, tests and simulations to put us in a position to finally launch this new in-traffic delivery capability. But at the end, it was all worth it” he said.

The pilot plan for Traffic Jam Whopper (TJW) was really good for business. It ran during the month of April pinpointing two restaurants, strategically located in the middle of the main gridlocks in Mexico City. "In these restaurants we saw a 63% increase in the Delivery orders, with even stronger numbers during the evening rush hours. On top of that, we experienced a significant growth in downloads of our Burger King App in Mexico, becoming the #1 QSR App in Mexico for that period".
As for the in-traffic delivery service, the fast-food chain achieved a 90 percent completion rate of all orders, “which was a great insight to help improve and adjust the accuracy of the technology in reading the gridlocks and predict its length and areas. So, overall, we saw very strong sales and App download results”.

We Believers handles the entire Burger King Mexico account and continues to develop ideas for its different campaigns and product launches.