Francisco Cordero, CEO of BFT Media

BTF Media and Azteca agree a long-term coproduction alliance
Aliana González, Los Angeles|25 de mayo de 2017

Francisco Cordero, CEO of BFT Media, confirmed the agreement with Azteca to co-produce five productions in five years. Three of them will have between 60 and 80 episodes and two are short, 26 episodes. The agreement was signed between Cordero, Mauricio Majul, general director of Azteca 13, and Rodrigo Fernández, general director of Azteca 7.

“We have been working with Azteca for several years and now agreed to close this deal of five production in five years, which will soon begin. We will make the first announcement with details of the first production at the end of this week or the beginning of the next one” he said.

He expressed that the production will be made in 2018 to be delivered at the end ofd that year or start of 2019. It will be made 100% by BTF, in a similar model to the one they used to work on
El César.

For his part, Mauricio Majul said they trust in the quality of the work BTF is doing, because of products they have already seen, such as Hasta Que Te Conocí, or Su Nombre era Dolores, now being aired on Azteca.