Diego Armando Maradona

BTF Media announces production of biopic on Maradona together with Dhana Media and LatinWE

06 de octubre de 2016

BTF Media in partnership with Dhana Media and Latin World Entertainment (LatinWE) announced co-production agreement for the making of the biographic series on the Argentinean soccer player, Diego Armando Maradona, that will start to be shot in 2017 in Argentina.

The partnership between the three companies has been part of the international success of Hasta que te Conocí, on the life of Juan Gabriel, and they are currently making the story of Jenni Rivera, Su Nombre era Dolores. “This dramatized series on Maradona represents one of the greatest challenges of current television,” stated Luis Balaguer, founder and CEO of LatinWE. The preproduction of the project began in September.

“The process has been very organic, we are working hand in hand with Francisco Cordero and Mari Urdaneta on a detailed account of my life, through a series of interviews and I am offering them all my support and knowledge regarding content,” commented Maradona. The series promises to tell the soccer player’s glories, but also his darkest episodes.