Francisco Cordero, CEO of BTF Media

BTF Media: BTF España launches biopic on Isabel Pantoja
27 de junio de 2017

Francisco Cordero, CEO of BTF Media and Oriol Uría, founder of Garage Films, announced from Madrid in a press conference the launch of BTF España, company whose first production will be the bioseries on Isabel Pantoja, authorized by the singer.

Cordero expressed that by opening operations in Spain, they are consolidating the internationalization of BTF Media. “What the market needs are global productions, because this is our world now, a global one” he stated, after pointing out that after the series on Pantoja, we many more will come for the región. “We are very happy with this alliance”.

They have been planning this work for six months, that will be officially presented in Mipcom on October 18, with the teaser of the series. “It is still very premature to talk about castings, scriptwriters, writers, production design, because we are barely deciding the story we are going to tell,” expressed Cordero, after commenting that they closed the deal with Isabel Pantoja together with Oriol. For his part, Oriol Uría said there has been a very fluent and human approach. “Isabel is delighted with this project. She is a woman with an amazing vitality and strength,” he stated.

Garage Films and BTF Media have a relationship, both as friends and work partners, of more than 10 years.“This is a natural alliance, thanks to the trust and the existing relationship,” said Uría, who stated that Garage Films maintains its office in Barcelona, Madrid, Mexico, New York and Los Angeles to cater to the traditional advertising market with which they have worked since 2003.