Francisco "Paco" Cordero, CEO of BTF Media

BTF Media: We’ll put together a development team for Maradona series in Argentina, Italy and Mexico
31 de marzo de 2017

Francisco “Paco” Cordero, CEO, BTF Media said that Maradona’s biopic and the series about Selena’s murder are developing, and the research stages are well advanced. “We’re near to travel with Maradona to Argentina and Italy to put together the team that will be developing the script. We are thinking about four screenwriters from Mexico, Italy and Argentina.”

He explained that in these three countries they will have sets with local teams, 20% will be shot in Mexico, while 40% in Argentina and 40% in Italy.

Regarding Selena’s project, which is based on María Celeste Arrarás’ book, he said that they will work together with her in the plot written by Leonardo Aranguibel. “The three of us are working together as a team to begin to pinpoint which are the important things we’re going to talk about in the series.” They estimate that the casting will begin in April.

Still there is no intended date to begin filming, but both projects will be delivered in 2018. Selena will be ready for the first quarter of the year, and Maradona for before the World Cup in July.