Oriol Uría, partner and CEO of BTF Media

BTF Media: We started our film production with Expansivas
04 de septiembre de 2018

The shooting of Expansivas, BTF Media's first feature film, starts on Monday, September 3. "We began last year, in co-production with the Argentinian production company Crudo Films and expect to debut at the beginning of 2019,” said Oriol Uría, partner and CEO of BTF Media, after reporting that they are conducting a press conference from Argentina, with the presence of the renowned Catalan actress Assumpta Serna, who took part in the project.

He mentioned that making films has been an aspiration of the production company since its foundation and that they are working on another feature film, Grietas, which they are entirely producing from Spain.

Directed by Ramiro García Bogliano, will star Sara Hebe (Argentinean hip hop artist), Martina Juncadella (Abrir Puertas y Ventanas; Cara de Queso, among others), as well as the renown Catalan actress Assumpta Serna (Matador; Yo, la Peor de Todas; Pepi, Luci y Bom and Otras Chicas del Montón; La Orgía; Borgia). It will be shot in three weeks between La Plata and La Ensenada, in Argentina, and tells the story of two sisters, Flavia and Ana, who meet again at the cremation of their mother´s remains and attempt to find the truth and take justice into their own hands regarding the circumstances of her death. It is a thriller without cops, and at the same time, a gender story added García Bogliano. "The idea is to design closer main characters, seeking greater identification with viewers," he said, after mentioning that women are the drivers of the action and not a sensual partner or a romantic interest of the hero.

“It is a plot with imperfect, credible heroines”.