Francisco “Paco” Cordero, CEO of BTF Media

BTF Media: We will make a biopic on the controversial character of  Jesus
Aliana González, Mexico City|29 de septiembre de 2017

Francisco “Paco” Cordero, CEO of BTF Media, announced that they will make a series on the life of Jesus. “We are going to tell the story of his life as a child, and his family life. We will continue with the methodology we have used with the other biopics we’ve made. In this case, we will tackle the life of a very controversial character like Jesus, because religion is a polemic topic in any country,” said Cordero, who expressed that he didn’t want to reveal too much information about the biopic because they have barely started doing research. 

BTF Media is developing the scripts of the series that will have global reach. It will be titled Jesus and is planned to be ready by mid-2019.

“We realized, together with a team of experimented researchers, that there was a great untold story there, a story that would captivate the Hispanic and Spanish-speaking audience, and even the audience of the whole world,” said Cordero, after mentioning that they will take a closer look at the events that led him to become a great religious and spiritual leader.

They still don´t have screen or production partners and the series is estimated to have 26 one-hour episodes.